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Ruff Ramp’s unique revolutionary features make it easy for your dog to use stairs

Enhance your dog's life with Ruff Ramp

The perfect solution for furry friends facing challenges with stairs! Crafted with love, our ramp offers a gentle slope, making it a breeze for dogs dealing with hip pain, mobility issues, or those who are simply on the smaller side.

Say goodbye to stairs and hello to newfound freedom! Whether your dog is a seasoned senior or a petite pal, Ruff Ramp provides a comfortable and safe path, alleviating pain, minimizing joint strain, and reducing the risk of injury.

Bring relief to your pup's life with Ruff Ramp - the ultimate solution for arthritis, hip dysplasia, and spinal issues! Say goodbye to discomfort, because less pain equals a happier and healthier dog.

Ruff Ramp was exactly what we needed for our senior dog having trouble going down stairs. He is fearful in general but it only took going down Ruff Ramp twice for him to learn how to use it. It made it easier for us when letting him out and allowed him to keep his independence. The product is amazingly well made and withstood the wind, snow and rain of a Northeast winter without issue.
Joyce Smith

Get the perfect Ruff Ramp sized for your furry friend with the three available sizes. Treat your dog to the safest and most enjoyable Ruff Ramp experience tailored just for them!

Ruff Ramp for Small, Medium and Large Dogs.
Ruff Ramp Creator Larry

As the proud owner of a company dedicated to crafting high-quality dog ramps, I am not just passionate about providing practical solutions for our furry friends; I am a devoted dog enthusiast. You'll find me alongside my four-legged companions, fostering a genuine connection with each dog.

With a profound love for our canine companions, I am driven by the desire to enhance their well-being. Having witnessed firsthand the challenges dogs face, particularly in relieving hip pain, I am committed to leveraging my experience and expertise to make a positive impact. Our dog ramps are not just products; they are a testament to my dedication to ensuring that every dog enjoys a life of comfort and mobility.

Ramp it Up: Revealing the Tail-Wagging Features of Ruff Ramp


Setting up Ruff Ramp is a breeze! Just assemble the guard rails, attach them to each plank section, align everything, fasten them to the joist support, place one end on the top stair, screw the stability posts, and anchor with landscape spikes and screws. It's that simple!


Ruff Ramp fits seamlessly into your life, covering staircases of up to 20 steps with standard sizes. Need something custom? No problem! We offer customization options for longer staircases or those with turns. Ruff Ramp caters to dogs of all sizes, from small to medium and large breeds.


Experience worry-free walks with Ruff Ramp. Our clever design includes cleats and a secure grip for enhanced traction. Each rounded cleat ensures safety without any sharp corners, and anti-slip tape between them guarantees secure footing.


Ruff Ramp is constructed with outdoor durability in mind. We carefully select wood that withstands the elements, using stainless steel fasteners to prevent corrosion. If you opt for our finishing, we apply two coats of solid stain and a coat of urethane to the cut ends for waterproofing. Stabilizing posts strategically placed eliminates any bounce, ensuring a rock-solid experience for your pet.


Worried about adventurous jumpers? Ruff Ramp has you covered! A guard rail runs the entire length, discouraging jumping. The raised bottom rail helps older dogs keep their hind legs secure, while the upper rail provides a visual guide as to where to walk on the ramp. For visually impaired companions, the upper rail serves as a tactile guide for a confident journey.

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My miniature poodle, Ollie, was a beta tester for the small Ruff Ramp. Ollie is my second mini poodle and when I noticed he was hesitating when trying to come up the stairs after being in the yard I started to look for a solution. When my previous mini poodle had a similar problem, I ended up using a ramp meant for a car but it didn’t have rails and was quite steep. It helped but was far from ideal. When I saw the Ruff Ramp, I knew it was exactly what Ollie needed. Once it was installed, Ollie learned to use it fairly quickly with a heavy application of strategically placed treats. The Ruff Ramp has been designed to make sure that your dog stays on it and doesn’t slip or fall off. The railings on the small ramp are at the perfect height for Ollie and the cleats are easy for him to step over while keeping him from sliding while ascending or descending the ramp. The rails next to the deck of the ramp keep Ollie’s feet from slipping off the sides of the ramp. The Ruff Ramp is very sturdy, there is no sway or sag. I also like that the bottom of the Ruff Ramp® is securely fastened into the ground. I didn’t fasten the ramp to my deck but it doesn’t seem to need it. As I have a beta version, I will need to paint my ramp to help extend its life and protect the wood from the Connecticut winter weather but production models can be ordered in several colors so you just have to complete the assembly and teach your dog how to use the ramp. Had I not had the opportunity for Ollie to test this ramp, I would have ordered one as soon as it went into production.
Sabrina M
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The Transformative Power of Ruff Ramp for Your Dog's Well-being

Ruff Ramp isn't just a ramp; it's a game-changer for your dog's life. It's the key to unlocking a world of joy and exploration, especially when facing mobility challenges like arthritis, hip dysplasia, or spinal issues.

This thoughtfully designed ramp provides a safe and comfortable pathway, ensuring that your furry companion can still relish every step of their life, unburdened by pain or difficulty.

When you choose Ruff Ramp, you're not just getting a product; you're making a heartfelt decision for your dog's well-being. It's a testament to your commitment to ensuring their happiness and health.

With Ruff Ramp, you're opening up a realm of possibilities for your beloved pet, where they can move freely, safely, and with the same exuberance that defines their spirit.

It's more than a ramp; it's a gesture of love, care, and the promise of many more delightful moments shared with your four-legged companion.

Why Love Wink Products?

Love Wink Products is the company that produces Ruff Ramp and is tied to my love for our dog Montana. When our beloved Montana became older and was diagnosed with congestive heart disease, we looked for products that would help us give him the love and care he deserved. We found the availability lacking, limited, and inadequate for the challenges he was experiencing, so we designed and built prototypes that helped us help him.

After he passed, we realized that others could benefit from the prototypes we created, so Love Wink Products was formed to bring these ideas to other who want to give loving care to their beloved furry companions.

Ruff Ramp accessories help keep your loved one moving!