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We are committed to helping you and your dog live a comfortable, pain free life together.  Because of our commitment, we recognize that each situation is different and that we may not have addressed your needs in our product offerings.  Do not let that stop you!  We understand that some situations require a custom solution.

We have done custom Ruff Ramp®s for many people who could not see a solution on our website.  We have done 17 stair Ruff Ramp®s, Ruff Ramp®s with multiple landings, and even Ruff Ramp®s that did not go over a staircase.  They reached out to us from this contact page, and we responded. 

We will work with you to come up with the best solution for you, your pup, your home, and your budget. You see for us it is about making sure that after they give to our families unconditionally for 8 years, we can make sure their remaining years with us are comfortable and pain free.  Do not feel you are imposing on us, or that we are probably too busy to help you. It is our pleasure!

 If you have any questions about our products, need support, or want to offer a suggestion on a new product – please fill out this form to let us know!